The Importance Of A Consumer Unit

Consumer units are an essential part of the electrical supply to your property. Commonly known as Fuse Boxes or Power Supply units, they play a really important role as they distribute the power supply throughout your property.

As a homeowner you need to make sure that your consumer unit is safe and compliant, as is imperative for safety and home insurance reasons.

Signs That You Need A Consumer Unit Upgrade


  • The fuse box cover is missing
  • The fuse box is damaged
  • There are any exposed live parts
  • The fuse box is showing signs of over-heating
  • The fuse box is overloaded
  • RCD protection is not provided


Power Supply Units

It has been introduced that all new electrical installations and designs must now use a metal-clad consumer unit or have metal clad casing. This is to prevent connections overheating in the consumer unit so in the event that a fire starts, then it would be contained within the metal-clad consumer unit or the metal-clad cabinet. Plastic consumer units are still often found in homes right across the UK, as it is not illegal to have one, but they are not considered as safe as metal clad.

The IET has recommended an inspection by a qualified electrical engineer to be carried out on the installation of the consumer unit and all associated switchgear. This is to ensure that the unit is safe and does not pose a fire risk. During the inspection, the age, condition and positioning of the consumer unit will also also be taken into consideration to meet compliance.

What's Involved In A Consumer Unit Upgrade? 

1) Current Condition Check

We will first determine the current condition of your electrical installation, this would typically be done by undertaking an EICR (Electrical installation Condition Report).

2) Power Supply Isolation 

Isolation of the power supply so that our electrician’s can safely remove the existing consumer unit or fuse box. Great care is taken to identify and label each cable.

3) Installation

Installation of the new consumer RCD protected consumer unit. It’s often the case that the existing cables are not long enough to reach the new consumer unit connections as the modern consumer units are considerably larger than most of the old types, if this is the case the existing cables would be extended within cable trunking that will surround your consumer unit and provide easy access for any future wiring installations.

4) Re-Energise

Re-energise the new consumer unit & final electrical test undertaken and issue of EIC & Building compliance certificate. All our consumer unit upgrades come with all relevant documentation and certification to meet current electrical wiring regulations BS7671.